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Additional Policies

  1. Security Policies and Procedures
  2. E-mail/Internet Policy
  3. Student and/or Faculty Couples

1. Security Policies and Procedures
The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College is responsible for compliance with the College and University Security Information Act and Chapter 33 of the Regulations of the State Board of Education of Pennsylvania. A copy of the relevant statutes is available from the office of the vice president for administration.

Complaints regarding compliance with the College and University Security Information Act should be filed with the president or vice president for administration. The president and the vice president for administration will investigate the complaint and attempt to resolve the problem with the complaining party. Upon resolution, the complaining party will be informed that if he or she continues to believe that the act is being violated, he or she may file a complaint with the office of the attorney general and shall be given the address of the office of the attorney general.

If a member of the RRC community is a victim of a crime on campus, the incident should be reported directly to the Cheltenham Township Police at 215.887.6220. RRC requests that the victim also report the occurrence to the president or vice president for administration. This information will be included in the institution’s annual report to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

2. E-Mail/Internet Policy
The following policy governs the use of all RRC-owned computers and e-mail systems, electronic communications, telephones, voicemail systems and Internet access via RRC computers and/or data lines.

These systems are the property of RRC. Individuals who use them should not expect privacy with regard to any information owned or controlled by the College. The systems are primarily for business and research purposes and not for improper use. Messages are stored. They are not necessarily deleted by pressing the Delete key. No one may use any RRC system to create a hostile or discriminatory College environment. Harassing, threatening or discriminatory messages are prohibited. RRC retains the right to access transmitted and stored communications and to monitor use at any time to enforce the policy, to prevent harassing or threatening messages, for investigations, for security/system checks, for maintenance, and for enforcement of all other RRC policies and procedures. Although e-mail can be an informal mode of communication, it should be treated as any other final work product that could be read in the future by unsympathetic third parties. Misuse of any system is subject to discipline, including separation. RRC’s leniency regarding e-mail/Internet procedures in the past will not excuse future e-mail/Internet violations.

3. Student and/or Faculty Couples
In the event that a member of the administration, faculty or student body finds herself or himself in a position in which she or he would be evaluating, hiring or otherwise making a decision at RRC about her or his partner or immediate family member, she or he will notify the vice president for administration of the personal conflict of interest and will absent herself or himself from the discussion and not participate in the decision-making process.

No member of the RRC faculty is permitted to develop a sexual relationship, a partnership or an exclusive affectional relationship with an RRC student, regardless of whether that student has ever enrolled, is enrolled or will ever enroll in a class taught by that faculty member.