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Internal Governance

  1. Decision-Making Authority
  2. Reconstructionist Student Association (RSA)

1. Decision-Making Authority
The regular faculty has the ultimate responsibility for passing legislation. The regular faculty is composed of full-time faculty members, full-time academic administrators who have worked at RRC for one year, and part-time faculty members who have taught at RRC for at least one year and who agree to attend regular faculty meetings and to serve on faculty committees. When the regular faculty initially passes a piece of legislation that affects students, however, that passage is not final until the faculty solicits and considers student reactions. After student suggestions are received, the regular faculty reconsiders the legislation and may revise it in light of those suggestions. Additional information on RRC’s internal governance and committee structure appears in the student handbook.

2. Reconstructionist Student Association (RSA)
The RSA is the student association of RRC. All matriculated students can join by paying annual dues. Regular meetings of the RSA are held during College Time approximately once each month while classes are in session and are chaired by the RSA president, who sets the agenda.

The RSA holds elections for RSA officers and student representatives to standing committees.

A. RSA Statements
Internal statements by the RSA aimed at influencing College policy are welcome. Preferably they should be accompanied by an explanation of the reasons for the vote and the vote tally.

As a matter of courtesy and in the interests of the collective institutional welfare, individual students and the RSA should advise a member of the RRC administration when contemplating signing or issuing a public statement that may be controversial. Although the ultimate decision about action remains with the individual student or the

RSA, it is expected that the effects of such action on the collective welfare of RRC and the

Reconstructionist movement will be considered seriously.

B. Political Endorsements
Because of RRC’s tax-exempt status, the College and its constituent bodies, including the regular faculty, the RSA and committees, may not take partisan political positions. They cannot support particular political parties or candidates, nor can they devote a substantial amount of time or money to lobbying for a partisan political position.